Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bikes Manufacturer since 2013

Steamoon is an electric mountain bike manufacturer for global market. Our production capacity is about 45,000 ebikes per month. Come in all shapes and sizes, including trikes, mountains, folding, cargo, and more.Each of our Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bikes possesses the incredible ride qualities of our legendary mountain bikes, plus smooth and powerful motors, massive range, seamless integration, and innovative yet intuitive controls to personalize every aspect of your Electric Mountain experience. This is The Power to Ride More Trails.

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Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bikes Manufacturer

1. Steamoon fat tire electric mountain bikes are stacked with smart tech that lets you see and do more. They ride like mountain bikes because they are mountain bikes, built on a legacy of frame and suspension tech that puts the rider first.

2. Steamoon sets the standard for user-friendliness in an fat tire electric mountain bikes. These bikes are made to heighten your trail experience, not complicate it. Every piece of tech—from the Removable Integrated Battery to the Bafang controller—is smart, intuitive, and easy to use.

3. Steamoon’s exclusive Removable Integrated Battery system hides the battery in the frame for sleek looks and protection. It’s the first fully-integrated electric mountain bikes system that lets you focus on what really matters—a bigger, better trail experience.

4. Bafang makes the best electric bike systems, hands down. Nobody else comes close. They’ve led the world in battery and motor innovation for decades, and they’re the only supplier that provides outstanding global support and service. If you’re considering anything but Bafang, you’re heading down the wrong trail.

      Tackle any trail. Climb any climb. The power and handling of fat tire electric mountain bikes let you get more out of every ride.