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What is Electric bike ?

Electric bike refers to an electromechanical integrated personal bike which uses battery as auxiliary energy and is equipped with motor, controller, battery, steering parts such as handlebar  and display instrument system on the basis of ordinary bicycle. Electric bikes amplify your pedaling power and your ability to do and see more. They're quick and smooth, with predictable, easy-to-control power and a long-lasting removable battery that recharges at any household outlet. The demand for electric bikes is high, as many people are trying to protect the environment.Electric bikes help minimize pollution and carbon emissions as you get healthier and fitter. Electric bikes are still a cycling activity, yet the assistive system aids in your pedaling rather than replacing the entire pedals. Our electric bike include electric city bike, electric mountain bike, electric road bike, fat tire electric bike, electric folding bike, electric tricycle, and so on. 
With a strong and reliable support of our professional technical team and sales team, we can provide service for local and overseas customers on ODM AND OEM in first time.


Steamoon Electric Bikes

Latest Electric Bikes that are Hot for Wholesale & Retail in 2023


STM-M09 Plus

26 inch M620 1000W 160NM Mid Drive Motor

Fat Tire Full suspension Electric Dirt Bike For Hunting


27.5 inch 750W 1000W Rear Drive Motor

Performance Batteries Long Distance Electric Dirt Bike For Mountain


27.5inch bafang 1000W sram 11 speed

27.5*2.215 tire 52v 21ah mountain full suspenion e bike


 Wholesale 26 inch 48v 30ah 

Dual Batteries Fat Tire Mid Motor Electric Cruiser Bike 


 Wholesale 20 inch 48v 30ah 500W 750W

Fat Tire Rear Hub Motor Electric Cruiser Bike 


New Commuter 52V 1000W Camo High 
Performance Batteries Long Distance beach cruiser eBike 


USA 500W 750W Hub Motor disc brake ebike 

with the Max milesrange 120KM  Electric Mountain Bike


Affordable 26″ Fat Tire full suspension Ebike 
48V20Ah specialized full suspension Electric Bike for adults


20 inch 4.0 Fat Tire Electric Folding bike with 

BAFANG Mid 1000W high power 48V 14AH Samsung battery


Best sale hybrid pedal electric foldable bike 

Fat Tire with tektro oil brake bafang 750w hub motor


Electric road bike super light and with mid drive

 250W power wholesale Electric City Bike


26”Electric City Bike Disc Brake City Ebike

With Samsung 36V 10ah and Bafang Hub 350W Power


New Commute 26" Bafang Hub motor 

500W 750 Watt Wholesale Price Electric Bicycle for adults


China Best Price electrical Fat Tire Bikes with pedals 

48V 500W Hub Motor high Speed Electric bike With Throttle


cheap electric fat tire folding bike 750w
best long range 48v lithium battery for electric bikes from china


Affordable 26″ Fat Tire Ebike 750W 
48V14Ah specialized Electric Mountain Bike for adults


26 inch 48v 14ah Electric Tricycle
Multifunctional Fat Tire Cargo Electric Trike 500w

Custom Electric Bike

What can you custom?
From a hand painting to a finished product, customize your exclusive business.

Electric bike design

According to the requirements of Customer .steamoon designer will complete the electric bicycle 3D structural design drawings for customer include body size, motor position, and the configuration of each component on the computer to . Before further production and matching accessories, it will be sent to the customer for review. After the customer confirms that they are satisfied, the body production and accessories selection will begin!

Electric bike configuration

    Our electric bicycle technical engineers provide suitable power battery capacity, motor and controller power, brake and control system according to the customized performance requirements provided by customers, and provide customers with parameter configuration tables.


assembly& Testing

  Our electric bicycle technical engineers provide suitable power battery capacity, motor and controller power, brake and control system according to the customized performance requirements provided by customers, and provide customers with parameter configuration tables.
  According to customer needs, select appropriate brand accessories, including body, tires, motors, controllers, and batteries to complete the assembly and performance testing of the electric self-propelled bike.

Fat Tire E-Bikes 

What is a Fat Tire Electric Bike?

As the name suggests, a fat tire eBike comes with tires which are roughly twice the thickness of a normal eBike tire. The extra width on these wide tires allows them to traverse a variety of surfaces that a normal-width tire might struggle with. Fat tire electric Bikes make excellent off-road bikes because of their robust capabilities.

But fat tires aren’t just designed for the rugged wilderness. They can also perform well on the sand to be used as a beach cruiser. Fat tire electric bikes provide improved balance and control on almost any surface and terrain. The versatility of a fat tire bike makes them perfect for riders who want a comfortable ride in every and any condition.

When it comes to comfort eBikes with fat tires are in a league of their own. Fat tires make for smooth rides and make short work of hills. Fat tire eBikes are flexible, adventurous, convenient, and enjoyable bike choices for riders of all ages.

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