Fat Tire Mid Drive Full Suspension eBike - M20

What Is Mid Drive Full Suspension eBike?

    On a mid drive full suspension ebike, the motor is located at the center of the bike between the pedals, at the bike’s bottom bracket. The cranks attach directly to the mid-drive motor. The mid-drive motor is integrated into the e bike’s frame. It is not a separate unit like a hub motor.

A mid drive full suspension ebike motor can take advantage of the bike’s gears because it is integrated into the drivetrain. You can use the mechanical advantage of the gears to multiply the motor’s power.

Mid drive full suspension ebike motors have a built-in pedal-assist sensor. Most mid drive full suspension ebikes come with a torque sensor. This sensor measures the amount of force you’re putting into the peddles and then relays this information to the bike’s control unit. The control unit then adjusts the level of assist based on that measurement.
When you pedal harder, the motor provides more power. When you pedal more gently, the motor provides less power. Some mid drive full suspension ebikes use a cadence sensor instead. I’ll talk more about cadence sensors in the next section.