Why You Should Invest in an Electric Bike With Fat Tires

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Why You Should Invest in an Electric Bike With Fat Tires

An electric bike is a specific type of bicycle with a motor or motors that help supplement your pedaling, but even with this category, there are different kinds of bikes you can choose to ride. One variation of an electric bike has thicker tires than average, and a good example of this is with Steamoon's fat tire electric bike models. In this post, we’ll answer why you should invest in an electric bike with fat tires.

They Are Comfortable to Ride

The first thing to take note of is that fatter tires mean more comfort for you. Because they are made with more rubber and contain more air than normal tires, they can function with lower air pressure. When you hit bumps or dips, the fat tires cushion the impact so that you don’t get jarred or lose control of the bike. With this greater stability, you can ride your e-bike with confidence. It’s also possible to adjust the air pressure in the tires to better adapt to different ground environments, with lower pressure being better for soft ground and higher pressure more suitable for firmer ground and providing less rolling resistance for longer run times.

They Work on Any Terrain

This brings us to the next reason why you should invest in an electric bike with fat tires. This type of bike works on any terrain. Steamoon’s e-bikes are designed to take you wherever you want to go, whether that is on paved streets, bumpy nature trails, or even over terrain that is wet with rain and snow. Fat tires maximize the traction you attain with the electric bike since they are so wide and make more contact with the ground than thinner tires. On top of that, the fat tires’ thickness means that they’re durable enough to stand up to rough surfaces without getting damaged.

They Provide a Great Workout

Fat tires add some weight to your e-bike, and so they can be a great tool in increasing the intensity of your exercise. On flat, hard-surface streets, it takes more effort to pedal, so you’ll work your leg muscles even more than you would get by riding an ordinary bike. You’ll also work on your core as you balance yourself in off-road settings. At the same time, should you ever exhaust yourself and need to take a rest, you can continue moving forward by turning up the assistance level. Steamoon’s bikes come with two motors and nine levels of assistance so you can tackle any situation without fear of being forced to stop while you’re still far from home.

As you can see, there’s no better version of an e-bike than one with fat tires. Our fat-tired 1000-watt electric bikes for sale are the most versatile and reliable e-bikes you’ll find on the market. Contact Steamoon today to learn more and place your order.

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