Whats the differents bettwen Steamoon ebikes and other ebikes?

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Whats the differents bettwen Steamoon ebikes and other brand ebikes?


1.We have a professional team.

We focus on electric bike industry for more than 10 years, with rich R&D experience. We can meet any custom needs of our customers. We developed the first dual-battery electric bike on the market. Other manufacturers copy us,but they just copy our looks. The real technology is ours alone. We have the most mature mid drive electric  technology. You never have to worry about the defects of our electric bikes. Buy with confidence, use with confidence.





2. We have a wide range of product lines.

Our product line includes narrow tire electric bikes, fat tire electric bikes, city electric bikes, mountain electric bikes, hunting electric bikes, mid drive electric bikes, full suspension eletric bikes, folding electric bikes, dual battery electric bikes. Our capacity is up to 10,000 units per month. If these are not enough for your needs, we can also customize the electric bike you need.


3.We only use the best quality ebike accesseries!

As a conscientious company, we insist on using high quality accessories to manufacture our electric bikes. At present, some companies make electric bikes with inferior parts to reduce costs. But we will never do that. We only use the best accessories on the market to ensure the quality of our e-bikes. The motor we only use Bafang Motors. Batteris we only use Samsung and LG. Brakes we only use TEKTRO. Derailleur we only use Shimano and SRAM.Down to a screw, we use the best. This is what we pursue, to provide customers with the perfect electric bikes.

4. You have our full support.

If you choose to work with STEAMOON. We will provide you with a full range of services including helping you expand your business, helping you deal with after-sale problems. Anything you want us to help you we'll do for you.


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