Some Common Problems and Solutions for Electric Bikes

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E-bikes are marvels of human engineering, and the list goes on. It depicts how much the world has progressed since the invention of the wheel that, at first, changed the outlook that humans had of smart work; rather, it was the inception of smart work.

With the inception of every engineered invention, it comes with manuals for the maintenance of such equipment. E-bikes are likewise in this regard as there are also the operating manuals and maintenance manuals covering each aspect of maintaining the bicycle. We all know that there is no such thing in the world that tends to be maintenance-free; hence, all consumer products need maintenance. Owing to this reason, we have to be cautious and considerate to a certain extent when operating equipment to enjoy a relatively long lifespan of the product. Under the umbrella of maintenance, if we consider “E-bike Maintenance” a few very common and recurring problems are listed below:


The battery is considered the most vital part of an E-bike and is most susceptible to damage due to its location and operating conditions. The damage often incurred to the battery is, in fact, the result of improper usage of E-bike; another reason could be the unsecured washing methods employed using a pressurized water source that subsequently results in the accumulation of moisture throughout the E-bike. It is pertinent that even if the battery terminals have been disconnected before washing it, you still shouldn’t install the battery till it is properly dried, and it is ensured that no possible moisture remains that could tether it to water damage.

Sometimes, people leave their E-bike or some of its battery draining functions, “ON” and this causes the battery to How To Make Electric Bike Batteries Last Long Term - Best Electric Bikesdischarge and ultimately drained to the extent that it may not recharge again, resulting in you paying a hefty amount of money to get this replaced as it is considered the heart of the E-bike. It is recommended that you check the battery voltage from a multi-meter and let a professional determine whether or not the battery can still be saved in case of uncertainty; it is also recommended that you disengage your battery after using your E-bike and turning your E-bike off.

Both extreme heat and cold have a negative effect on the battery life, efficiency, and power out. It may result in a decreased battery lifespan. Letting your charger plugged in and letting it overcharge will reduce the battery life as it is quite detrimental for the battery. It is recommended not to allow your charger to be plugged in and overcharge the battery and also not to expose your battery to extreme weather conditions that may negatively affect your battery.


Electric bikes have hub motors and one of the common issues can be hub motor noise. It is a common issue that arises if the motor has worn-out gears, disk brake or bearings. Sometimes, a loose bolt can also be a cause of such noise. Replacing worn out part can solve the problem but in case it persists, it is likely that the motor bearings need a lubricant and the noises being produced are because of the friction.Hub motor vs mid-drive: Which type of ebike is best for you?

Another problem that can occur with the hub motor is that it can stop spinning. This shows that there is a problem with the controller. It can either be in a loose connection or not connected at all, which is why the motor isn’t getting the electricity to be started. To fix this issue, check if your controller is functional and check its connection with the motor. In case there is a damaged part in the controller or wiring, get it replaced.

Wiring and Connections Checks

48V 30A KT Controller For 750W 1000W Brushless Motor Waterproof Electric Bicycle | eBaySometimes due to extreme vibrations and stresses incurred upon the E-bike, it could possibly lead to some lose connections that may either result in the improper working of the E-bike or rendering it completely inoperable. Due to these issues, it is recommended that one must check the external wiring of the E-bike periodically within one’s intellectual capacity. Another method for better upkeep of the bike is to undertake periodic maintenance inspections by the maintenance experts. Failure to tend to the maintenance requirements adequately may end up complicating the issue rather than solving it.

Check The Cut-Off Switch

If your E-bike had met an untoward incident and the handle-bars were damaged, resulting in a strain on the brakes due to faulty brake levers and keeping them constantly engaged, it can cause the Motor Inhibitor Switch to turn on. You will need to have your E-bike’s brake levers replaced or repaired before further use of your E-bike. In an unlikely case, the cut-off switch itself has to be swapped. The maintenance experts could only perform this task, so it is not recommended that you do it yourself. On the off chance, you cannot swap your switch due to emergencies or other reasons, you can disengage the wires for the brake inhibitor, though this can be dangerous while operating an E-bike.

For the proper functioning of brakes and good braking, it is recommended that you check your brake pads and exchange them upon requirement as you don’t want to gamble with other people and your life. After getting new brakes, it is recommended to check the cable tension to optimize the braking of the E-bike and fray some lubrication to avoid abrasion of the wire that may lead to brake failure.

For the proper functioning of brakes and good braking, it is recommended that you check your brake pads and exchange them upon requirement as you don’t want to gamble with other people and your life. After getting new brakes, it is recommended to check the cable tension to optimize the braking of the E-bike and fray some lubrication to avoid abrasion of the wire that may lead to brake failure.


The E-bikes with a throttle system to propel the E-bike are susceptible to throttle damage due to improper use of the throttle. This may result in the breaking of the wire that connects the throttle to the motor. Twisting the cable for acceleration would incur extra stress, and due to releasing the throttle abruptly, it is recommended that you must release the throttle slowly to prevent any breakage of the wire. It is relatively cheap to replace the wire, so it should not put aUnderstanding Electric Bikes: Throttle and Pedal-Assist – Bicycle 2 Work dent in your wallet.

Pedal Assist:

Sometimes, the displacement of magnetic sensors present in the front sprocket results in improper torque sensing and will lead to pulsations in an E-bike. Each bike has a different Pedal Assist mechanism. Still, the majority has magnets present in the front sprocket, so any adjustment to the derailleurs, sprockets, wheels and pedals may result in the displacement of magnets and affect the proper functioning of the E-bike. Still, this problem can be rectified by pushing the magnets back, near, to the torque sensor with a flat-head screwdriver. You can visit your nearest E-bike mechanic to fix this problem if it is a bit tricky for you.

Chainstay Motor Connection

To determine whether or not the issue with your E-bike is the result of an electrical problem, you may want to inspect the motor and its connection on the chainstay; it is near the frame where your chain is located. All rear-hub E-bikes share this, and it is an easy fix if that is the case. Likewise, determine that whether the chain or the belt is installed correctly.


As electric vehicles are relatively new in the market, the experience of users and the maintenance experts is not that much; hence, with the evolution of the market, the expertise is also evolving. With all the maintenance issues being faced by the users, the experience in all the domains of E-bike maintenance is increasing; hence it would subsequently result in better management of this commodity.

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