Electrical Problems, what to do?

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If you do experience any electrical faults with your eBike you should contact the dealer you purchased the bike from. They should be experienced to help you.

If you are not experienced, do not take any of the electrics apart. Do not remove any plastic covers as you could damage the internals and also invalidate warranties; this should be done by an eBike technician.

If you do decide to ‘fiddle’ make sure to have a magnetic tray or some way of containing bolts etc. as bits may drop out as you open the case.

It’s always good to lay parts out in the order you removed them; this way you will have a rough idea of how it all goes back together.

Before returning to the dealer you may want to check the electrical connectors: it could be a really simple problem. Say you hit a hard bump in the road and the power cuts off, check the battery is securely in place as it may have moved slightly on the connector causing a momentary loss of connection.

You can also make sure all contacts are clean and corrosion free.

Many modern eBikes have on board diagnostics to tell the dealer what’s going on in the event of a problem. Some more simple systems are a case of subtraction, where each component is tested until the faulty component is diagnosed.

Sometimes it’s as simple as turning the eBike off and back on. Doing this will reset the controller and could get you going again.

Be wary however, that by resetting, it implies there was a problem and you should still have it checked out by an eBike technician.

Some eBikes are more reliable than others and sometimes you just get unlucky; do what you can to look after your pride and joy, and you will enjoy many years of happy eBiking.

Simply put: An eBike really shouldn’t require any more maintenance than a normal push bike, just as long as you treat it correctly.

With so many different styles, models & price ranges, buying an electric bike (eBike) can be a daunting process.

To help you in your search, I have put together a rough guide to help you make a decision as to which eBike will be best for you. This is the electric bike buyers guide..

Rather than overloading you with too much detail, the following words are ‘Jargon Free’ and should make sense to even the most novice of rider, it’s a simple guide to cover the important factors.

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