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Many people ask what service and maintenance is required to run an Electric bike . Here is some basic information and general tips to keep your eBike running like a dream!

Just like any regular cycle, your eBike is going to need routine maintenance; however don’t be put off by the electrical part of this as generally it will require little maintenance.

Many non-eBikers believe electric bikes are riddled with maintenance issues, but this is simply not true. If you, the user, take the basic steps to keep your bike running it will not require much more than a normal bike. After all if you treat your eBike well it will treat you well in return.

Most dealers will provide a full set up on the bike, which is important as the eBike needs to be set up correctly in the first place to function well.

Some dealers also offer another free service once the eBike has bedded in. This is useful and well worth taking advantage of as it can take a few miles for new bolts to bed in, cables to stretch etc. By taking it back after the bedding in period you can have it all re-tightened, and the brakes and gears checked etc. This is also a good time to change that awfully uncomfortable saddle, position the bars slightly differently and make any other small changes to provide a more comfortable ride.

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